woensdag 13 januari 2016

Faran Ensemble

Ik kwam toevallig dit pareltje tegen op youtube. De muziek is rustig en klinkt traditioneel, al komen de muzikanten van alle windstreken. Mooi hoe ze zo eenvoudig op een prachtlocatie in de stille versteende natuur zitten, meer dan het bekijken waard.

"Faran Ensemble is a three player group, who joined each other in a
spiritual quest, expressed in music and sounds. It has been years now that
these players have deeply engaged themselves in studying the musical
instruments and the theory of music with the best teachers in the country
and abroad.

The instruments played originate from esoteric and ancient traditions of
the East.
KAMANTCHE is an ancient musical instrument whose origins are
rooted in Azerbaijan.
OUD, one of the most ancient string instruments, is found anywhere it is
customary to have very strong and dark tea in a small cup.
The Percussion which have been in use since the first human heartbeat.

The ensemble members grew up and come from different places,
backgrounds and sceneries. From the very dry desert to the luscious green
through the hectic noisy city sounds. The composed works reflect all of
these as they were composed together by the four ensemble members.
Both the composition-works and the musicians are deeply influenced by
the Eastern musical system called 'Maqam' .
Maqam in translation means all at once a physical place in the musical scale,
the fingers' placing on the strings and the melody which expresses this.
But more than that, 'Maqam' refers to a meditative place. A state that the
player must be attended so the music will be played as it should be.
In ancient cultures each Maqam has its own particular hour in the day,
season and a specific ceremonial connection.

Faran, is a dry desert wadi, which fills with water and life only in rainy
winters; and in the hot season, otherwise silent. It crosses Israel on its
way from Sinai, ignoring all borders.

Music for us is a journey.
Join us.."

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